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The pond boss® PRO Block Bacteria ia a blend of live bacteria and enzymes specifically designed to improve water quality by reducing high levels of decaying nutrients

Gobla Lakes and Wetlands Lake management for Munic
Global Lakes and Wetlands
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Click Here to Learn More about Lake Management with the The pond boss® PRO Block Bacteria, a blend of live bacteria and enzymes in a 5 pound block of organic digesters similar to what is found in your over the counter probiotics.

Inprove your Lake Management naturally,
without harsh chemicals while promoting fish health

Lake management and waterways is our essential service. We can control algae, border grass and aquatic weeds to maintain optimum flow of storm water storage and improve aesthetic valuel. The appearance of waterways is often tied to property values, which have an affect on HOA's, POA's, commercial rentals and home values. The professionals at Glogal Lakes and Wetlands Distributors, LLC., uses knowledge, skill, and care for the environment to ensure that your lake management will be at its best year round.

Florida Lake & Pond Management

Lakes, ponds and other waterways have a variety of functions. Often, they are built for irrigation, providing a water channel that can be controlled for the purposes of helping crops grow. They are also built for sport and recreational fishing, particularly in public outdoor areas such as parks. Ask about our Lake Management Guarantee

  Floridas Lake Management and agricultural wetlands management

As well as aesthetics. addition, waterways serve a crucial purpose that comes close to home for many property owners: property value. Contaminated waterways tend to be not only odorous and unpleasant to inhabit, but they are also unpleasant to look at. That’s why it is so important to consistently ensure lakes and ponds in housing developments and apartment complexes are kept looking clean and healthy.

Whether a lake serves to irrigate, stock fish or merely stand as an aesthetic ornament, Lake and Wetland Management is here to make sure it remains fresh and attractive. We can help keep your ponds stocked with sport fish and noninvasive species. We can help maintain the property value that’s tied to your lake, ask about our Lake Management GUARENTEE! Call us TODAY!

  Florida Wetlands Management

Algae & Aquatic Weed Control

Glogal Lakes and Wetlands Distributors, LLC., provides is aquatic plant management, we control of algae and aquatic weeds. Controlling a lake or pond’s plantlife is essential to that waterway’s health using environmentally friendly techniques. A lake with diverse vegetation and non-invasive plant species will be a well balanced success. However, invasive weeds and unchecked algae growth can prevent nutrients from circulating within the pond, as well as become problematic to both boaters and fishers.

Glogal Lakes and Wetlands Distributors, LLC., specializes in controlling algae, aquatic weeds and border grass in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

We maintaining Florida’s wetlands preserves by mechanical, biological and chemical means, Florida developers can rely on Global Lakes and Wetland Distributors, LLC. We maintain Florida’s natural plant life, manage and restore the natural areas. Give us a call today!

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Global Lakes and Wetlands
Global Lakes and Wetlands

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Gobla Lakes and Wetlands Lake management for Munic

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