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Inprove your Lakes appearance and water quaility naturally,
without harsh chemicals while promoting fish health

Check out our other products :
Aquatic Blue for Lakes 128 oz. Algaecide/Bactericide 128 oz. Bacteria Bio-Maintenance, 1 lb. Puck,
6 PK Retail pkg |
Bacteria Bio-Maintenance 5 lb. Block |
Liquid Bacteria 128 oz. | Water Clarifier 10 lb. |
Water Clarifier 128 oz. |
1/2 HP Floating Fountain with Lights |
Algaecide/Bactericide 320 oz. (2.5 gal) |
Quick Release Bacteria Bio-Maintenance, Water Soluble Bag | Bacteria Bio-Maintenance, Pellets, 8 lb. |
Bacteria Bio-Maintenance, 1 lb. Puck, 24 PK

Click Here to Learn More about The pond bossĀ® PRO Block Bacteria, a blend of live bacteria and enzymes specifically designed to improve water quality by reducing high levels of decaying nutrients.

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