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Gobla Lakes and Wetlands Lake management for Munic
Global Lakes and Wetlands
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Our Florida Wetlands and natural areas, require diligent evironmentally friendly maintenance. This kind of maintenance requires an in-depth knowledge of the many plants and animals that reside in these aquatic areas.

Glogal Lakes and Wetlands Distributors, LLC. specializes in maintaining and restoring natural areas and wetlands, whether through a regular maintenance contract or a large-scale removal of invasive vegetation such as Brazilian Pepper and Melalueca. Our highly trained staff is licensed in Natural Area Weed Management to properly protect your preserves and maintain compliance with environmental permits.

  Floridas Equine and agricultural wetlands management

The Importance of Florida Wetlands

Either urban or agricultural uses occupy over 50% of the total land area in Florida, and every year more natural lands are being developed or converted for use, altering these natural areas habitats, ecology and vegetation.

Nevertheless, there are over 9 million acres of conservation lands in the Sunshine State, and over 60% of these non-submerged areas are wetlands. Global Lakes and Wetlands Distributors, LLC. has been dedicated to maintaining and restoring the environmental balance of these wetlands. Without them, Florida’s natural ecology becomes unstable. Invasive species compete with vegetation that nourishes the land and can often even reduce the incidence of forest fires.

  Florida Wetlands Management

Natural Area Weed Management

Global Lakes and Wetlands is licensed and is experienced in Florida Wetlands Weed Management, which is one of the most significant aspects of wetland maintenance. This means we are certified to identify and remedy the occurrence of invasive plants, which are nonnative vegetation with uncontrollable growth rates that threaten the existence of natural plants.

Almost one-third of Florida’s plant species are nonnative plants that disrupt the natural ecology by displacing native vegetation and competing with them for resources, such as water and sunlight. These plants include:

  • Category I: Exotic species that have become disruptive to the extent that they have displaced or hybridized with native plants (melaleuca, Brazilian pepper, Australian pine, shoebutton ardisia, etc.).

  • Category II: Exotic species that have not become as disruptive as Category I plants, but are nevertheless threatening with regard to their prevalence or growth rate (Guinea grass, castor bean, queen palm, wedelia, etc.).

We maintaining Florida’s wetlands preserves by mechanical, biological and chemical means, Florida developers can rely on Global Lakes and Wetland Distributors, LLC. We maintain Florida’s natural plant life, manage and restore the natural areas. Give us a call today!

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Global Lakes and Wetlands
Global Lakes and Wetlands

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Gobla Lakes and Wetlands Lake management for Munic

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